NotifierLight Story

I´ve developed the first version of NotifierLight in 2012. The goal was: Show the current state of a call center agent with an indicator light (a RGB LED device in this case). Is the phone line busy, is the workstation locked (colleague not available) or is the agent in a important hotline case and don´t want to be disturbed.

The simple application with an TNA icon and a XML setting file did exactly what it should do. Blink red for a incoming phone call, static red light for a busy line and a blue static light for pause or a locked session.

For a test I bought my first RGB LED gadget: The Dreamcheeky WebMail Notifier. It worked well but looked too much like a toy. A more professional device was necessary. The focus fell on the Kuando Busylight.

While getting more and more skills in communicating with USB devices I´ve got the idea: Why not supporting more than one of these devices? I´ve found out, that there are a lot of devices like that which are BlinkStick by Agile Innovative, different Busylight types, blink(1) by ThingM, the very cheap china gadget USB Mail Notifer from DealExtreme and many more.

All these researches, new skills and fun in developing small and simple applications ended in the NotifierLight 1.1. To share it I´ve polished it up a bit to a few more features (back to About NotifierLight).

This should not be the end but the beginning! I´ve started this blog to share NotifierLight and to get feedback and ideas. I will post news about NotifierLight and stuff, infos about new versions or a small documentation how to create a plugin.

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