About NotifierLight

NotifierLight controls your favorite indicator light in your office, call center, hackerspace or at home.
More features:
  • A simple GUI also usable by a non computer specialist :)
  • A very simple plugin engine to realize own ideas
  • A silent TNA application running in the background
  • Customize it with general settings
  • Print custom door hanger or display for your workplace

(Also take a look at the little NotifierLight story)

Pictures say more than 1000 words, so take a look at the following screenshots:

GUI (NL v. 1.2):

General Settings
Device Settings


Older Screenshots

NotifierLight in Action:

Different Devices

DreamCheeky in Office

Again DreamCheeky

NL with Blinkstick Square
in a Callcenter
Blinkstick with a enclosure prototype

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