Thursday, January 7, 2016

Device News: A second Kuando Busylight Product

In 2014 I wrote an introduction about the Kuando Busylight (long time ago).
Device Introduction: Kuando Busylight

While collecting experiences about RGB LEDs controllable by USB (HID), this device was the first professional one.

Besides the original product (recognized as UC/Lync in NotifierLight; Plenoms name for this device is ALPHA) Plenom now offers another nice product: Kuando Busylight OMEGA.
The OMEGA seems to be the big brother of the ALPHA device. It comes with a very big size so you never miss a incoming call anymore. Other features are the modifiable light colors, 8 different ringtones, volume control and different enclosure colors.

I´m not able to test it by myself at the moment, but on the pictures it looks very huge and well designed. Please let me know if you plan to use this device with NotifierLight.

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