Saturday, October 10, 2015

Device News: A lot new BlinkStick products

BlinkStick Nano
BlinkStick Nano is a tiny version of the BlinkStick. Like the blink(1) from ThingM it comes with 2 very bright LEDs and can be used as an indicator light at your Notebook, Raspberry or whatever.

BlinkStick Flex
Flex is also a very tiny USB device. It combines a device which is basicly the BlinkStick Pro, with a LED strip. The LED strip itself includes 32 addressable LEDs which can be controlled seperatly.

BlinkStick Pro Smart Pixel
A Smart Pixel is just a single LED. Use as much Pixels as you like (up to 192 Pixel for one BlinkStick Pro) and chain them together. Like the LEDs in the Flex LED Strip they can be controlled seperatly.
Smart Pixel

BlinkStick Pro LED Adapter
It was already possible to connect your BlinkStick Pro with a IKEA Dioder but wrong wired it could lead to a burned Dioder controller. Now BlinkStick delivers a controller which can easliy connect the BlinkStick Pro to a LED Strip and a power supply.
LED Adapter

All in all BlinkStick offers the biggest pool of different devices. I think there is a fitting RGB LED device for any project. BlinkStick also offers APIs for every purpose and a growing community and service at the BlinkStick Forums