Monday, April 13, 2015

Update: NotifierLight 1.2.3

A new update is available. Please see the changes below and feel free to download it.

  • Changed: Moved the settings items to a sub menu in TNA context.
  • Changed: The color editor has now tooltips and the color orange.
  • Changed: The Blync device is now labeled with "Blync v1"
  • Added: Import/Export function for the settings. Use this if you need the same settings for many workstations. 
  • Added: Brightness track bar for the following devices: Blink1, BlinkStick devices, Busylight devices and ScreenBulb.
  • Added: Log4Net library for debug purposes.
  • Fixed: An error that broke Busylight Lync support.
Known issues: If TAPI is in use the last state won´t be changed sometimes (for example: You hang up and the light still shows "busy"). It depends on the used ATAPI library. It seems that sometimes it doesn´t give back the state correctly. 

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