Saturday, January 17, 2015

Update: NotifierLight 1.2.2

At the moment it is hard for me to keep NotifierLight and my blog updated. But there are some news I have to post in the next weeks :).
We start with a new version of NotifierLight (1.2.2). Feel free to download it and take a look at the new features.


  • Changed: The "Candle" lighttype has now a preset to the color yellow. 
  • Added: Support for new devices: Blinkstick Square and Blinkstick Strip. If you have connected such a device it will appear as a Blinkstick.
  • Added: A new mode for Blinkstick. The mode WS2812_Mode3 is especially for the new Blinkstick devices. The old WS2812 mode has been changed to WS2812_Mode2. Mode3 controls any LED by hardware, with Mode2 NotifierLight itself controls up to 8 LEDs (slower). 
  • Added: New Plugin: Process. It checks whether a windows process is running or not. 
  • Fixed: New plugins does not appear without delete all plugin settings. 
  • Fixed: The SysParams did not work correctly. It took the used disc space as free disc space. 
  • Fixed: General lighttypes had a preset to null. This caused that Notiferlight keep the last light setting permanently. Now the preset is "None". 
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

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