Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NotifierLight goes go

The knowledge we got while developing NotifierLight leads to another project. Florian, the biggest brain behind NotifierLight published a go package to control different LED devices.

It is still under construction but feel free to take a look at it and use it for your own projects.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

NotifierLight Accessories

After the deployment of NotifierLight your workmates may be confused for the first time. What does all this glowing and blinking mean?
To help them out you can use the NotifierLight door hanger or display templates:

NL Door Hanger Template
NL Display Template

Download the .odt templates and adjust it to the light concept at your workplace. Print it, cut it off and/or fold it and place it where anybody can see.

Door Hanger

Both templates are also part of the current NotifierLight installation.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Device Introduction: Blync

Blync is a well designed light cube for workplaces.
Use it as presence or alarm light directly connected with a Microsoft Lync Server.
Even if you don´t have a Lync: Set Busy, Do-Not-Disturb or other states manually.
A download to connect it to Skype is also available.

In the inner life we find 5 very bright LEDs. They enlighten the enclosure to a very good visibility even if you are farther from it.
Blync can glow in 7 colors, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white.

To realize your own ideas use Blync SDK or a HID library.

In my eyes Blync should have more functions like controlling the 5 LEDs separately and using the full RGB frame of the LEDs but I love the design and the good illumination.

Since version 1.2 NotifierLight supports Blync. At the moment we have the issue that Blync always creates 2 USB devices but only one of it controls the light. It seems that Blync bases on iBuddy, also a LED gadget but with additional functions like moving parts.
We will fix the double device issue in the next version.

Update 26.09.2014: The guys from Blynclight working on a new firmware to activate full RGB colors for the device.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Documentation for PlugIn Development

Finally we have it online: The documentation for creating custom plugins for NotifierLight.

You´ll find it over the documentation navigator:
PlugIn Development

At the bottom of the documentation page you find a example plugin as a SharpDevelop project.

Let us know about your ideas or send us your PlugIn, maybe we integrate it as a default for further NotifierLight installations.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Update: NotifierLight 1.2

NotifierLight has experienced a little redesign. The new version 1.2 is available in the download section. The version 1.1.4 can still be downloaded.


- Changed: GUI Redesign
- Changed: Depending on the plugin it can now be added more than once
- Changed: Internal: If a device don´t understand a set color, NL will find the closest fitting color.
- Changed: Pause is now Do Not Disturb. 
- Added: Define a hotkey for Do Not Disturb
- Added: Devices can now have additional properties
- Added: ScreenBulb property for a smaller bulb
- Added: CMY Mode for BlinkStick and BlinkStick Pro
- Added: New Lighttypes Ambilight, Candle and Alarm
- Added: Plugins: ODBC and EMail (Prototypes)
- Added: Support for a new device: Blync from Blynclight.com
- Added: Welcome Page with helpful links
- Added: Internal: Advanced Mode to activate special properties (will be added to the GUI later)
- Added: Change the EventQueue directly in the GUI
- Fixed: Busylights switched to off after a while
- Fixed: A few smaller bugs

We´ve also changed the information pages in the NL blog.
- New Older Screenshots section (in About NotifierLight)
- Changed EventQueue page
- Changed About NotifierLight page

Feel free to test the new functions. Please keep in mind that NotifierLight is still under construction. But we can say it is already very stable.

Please let us know what you think about the update or general NotifierLight functions.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ambilight Prototyping

Inspired by the Kickstarter Lightpack we're playing around with an ambient light function for NotifierLight.
An ambient light (Ambilight) is simply a backlight for your monitor which adopts the current (most dominant) color of the screen.
Backlights like this can show really cool effects, but it´s also good for eye protection (if you like to watch movies in a dark room :) )

Note: The ambilight effect is not part of the current version available for download. It´s only part of a test build at the moment.

Besides NotiferLight is all we need a BlinkStick Pro and the IKEA Dioder. A tutorial for connecting BlinkStick Pro and IKEA Dioder is available at the BlinkStick site.

My experiences about this:
- The Dioder have to be the one with the 4 fix LED strips, NOT that with one flexible strip! In the end it should also work with BlinkStick but the tutorial doesn´t fit to this product. The controller is different. (I combined the 4 strip controller with the flexible strip).
- I'm not sure if this is important, but the controller should be switched to off before starting with the modification.
- The resistors shown in the tutorial should be removed carefully (I recommend a scalpel or cutter knife).
- Don´t forget to attach the series resistors, delivered with BlinkStickPro!

Another function was necessary for NotiferLight. We need a CMY mode to inverse the light signal. Otherwise we will get only some "white" light or inversed colors.

It was a bit tricky to find the best way to take a screen capture and calculate the color (we´ve tried DirectX, too) but in the end we have a good performance.

Here we are with a first test:

The effect itself works with any other device (except the 8 color devices).