Friday, August 29, 2014

Device Introduction: blink(1)

ThingM stands for high experiences in electronics. I´ve already tested products like BlinkM, FreeM, LinkM, CtrlM. All theses products have to do with controlling RGB LEDs.
We come to details of these electronic parts somewhen else.
At first we focus the product blink(1).

blink(1) is simple: No programming, no electronic knowledge, very end-user friendly. Just plug it into your USB port and let it glow with Blink1Control. Let it blink on an incomming email, on different hardware monitor alerts or connect it with your IFTTT account.
blink(1) includes 2 LEDs, so you are able to show more than 1 different states at the same time. And another attribute makes it unique: It is really mini :)

Inside and Outside

The "naked" blink(1) shows: The biggest part of it is the USB connector. The case is very robust so the blink(1) stick is easy to handle.

If the function pool doesn't fit your needs: There are a lot of documentations and sources for C++, Java, Python and so on.

Update 16.09.2014: A hidden feature is to control a WS2812 compatible LED strip, ring or whatever. As you can see on the screenshot the "naked" blink(1) includes a connector with GND, +5 and data. It can control up to 16 additional LEDs. You can control any single LED, multiple LEDs with static colors, running effect, random colors etc. Very nice!

NotifierLight controls the 2 LEDs at once at the moment. We are planning to handle blink(1) as 2 devices to control the LEDs independent from each other.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello, I'am the ScreenBulb ;-)

"May I introduce myself, I'am the ScreenBulb!
You don´t have any LED device to use with NotiferLight? Don´t be sad! I can glow on your screen" :).

Simply activate the ScreenBulb in the Devices by Doubleclick or the Connect Button.

The ScreenBulb device shows colors and lighttypes excactly like a hardware device do. It stays on top of your screen and can be moved around (hold left mouse button to move it).
Use it to test the events or for plugin development if you don´t have a hardware device close by. If you change to a hardware device ScreenBulb will disappear. I'm thinking about a feature to add more than one ScreenBulb devices. But it don´t have a high priority at the moment. 

Finally a little video with ScreenBulb in action :).

Monday, August 18, 2014

Update: NotifierLight 1.1.4

A new update (NL 1.1.4) is available at the download section.

- Fixed: ScreenBulb caused an exception
- Changed: ScreenBulb will be handled as a device now
- Changed: Moved the settings from NL root to User/AppData/Roaming
- Changed: New menu item in TNA context menu: Open Settings Path
- Changed: Made the use of plugins more save
- Changed: The EventQueue item now includes plugin name <pluginname>.<eventname>
- Changed: Plugin images will be resized to 48x48
- Changed: Switch directly between devices without jump to the general settings
- Added: Support for a new device: blink(1) from ThingM
- Minor tweaks and fixes

Coming soon:
- Plugin example source with comments
- A very first plugin API documentation
Update: We're working on a plugin redesign at the moment. Further informations after the redesign.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Device Introduction: BlinkStick

Agile Innovative offers 2 very nice products for home construction and development: The BlinkStick and the BlickStick Pro.

The BlinkStick is a simple USB device with a RGB LED and a ATTINY85. It comes without a box, so it can easily be attached to whatever you want. Put it in a salt crystal for example and create your own decorative mood light for your living room, controlled by PC. Or attach it to your monitors USB port and use it as notification device with NotifierLight.


The BlinkStick Pro is like the Blinkstick, but without a LED. Use it to control LED strips or boards up to 196 LEDs (WS2812). Attach it to a IKEA Dioder or other LED strips. Create an ambient light (find tutorials at or control a LED matrix. My dream for NotifierLight is a database plugin. For example if a database query says that the volume of sales does not fit, the whole CEOs office glows red ;-D.

BlinkStick Pro controls1 LED

If you need a good product for prototyping BlinkStick (&Pro) is right for you. There are a lot of sources and turorials you can access for your project. And the best is: It can be used with NotifierLight! ;).

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NotifierLight 1.1.3 uploaded

Finally a first version of NotifierLight is online. You find the installer (more files in the future) in the Download section.

Feel free to play around with it. If you don´t have a supported LED RGB device at the moment, activate the ScreenBulb in the general settings. I´ve integrated it as a device simulator. I hope you like it. :)

Theres no continuous documentation at the moment. I will post a few explanations step by step.
Before you start with NotifierLight please take a look at the info about the EventQueue in the Documentation area.

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it.

Proudly presenting: NotifierLight 1.1

The time has come: After many hours, much brainstorming, heavy bug tracking and a lot of coffee (btw, I drink my coffee about #AA4004) NotifierLight is close to get it's first release. The installer is done and a first test phase was successful. Only a fix of a performance bug which I won´t let out to the world and a bit fine tuning have to be done.

To bridge the share of the first prototype release I´ve made a little presentation video. The quality is not the best but should give a little feeling of what NotiferLight will do now and in the future. Everything what you see here is real and not a fake ;-).

Here comes the same video in better quality, but it takes a while to download (32MB): NL.avi

The video shows a play around with the different devices, colors and lighttypes. Additional you can see how the events work. A very simple plugin includes the monitoring of system parameters. When the disk size underruns a given size, the event should be triggered.

Please feel free to comment :).

Friday, August 8, 2014

Comming soon...

OK, my first post on But it only should make a bit appetite for now. :)

NotifierLight will be a prototype version at first (means it is still under heavy development and I never can find every bug by myself). I´m still working on a simple installer and a presentation video. Also the download page is still missing.

To explain what NotifierLight excactly is, i´ve added the About NotifierLight page. Feel free to take a look around, especially on the screenshots.

Keep on glowing ;)