Thursday, November 27, 2014

Device News: 2 new BlinkStick products

Since a few days offers 2 new products: BlinkStick Square and BlinkStick Strip.
These products are basicly the same as the BlinkStick but with 8 LEDs.
Another difference to BlinkStick is, that the new devices come with a 4th mode (the modes 0,1,2 are already with BlinkStick, mode 3 is new). This new mode controls all 8 LEDs at once.

The new BlinkStick types will work with NotifierLight out of the box. Switch to WS2812 mode to control all LEDs. Because of performance purposes I'm thinking about an implementation of mode 3 in NL, too.

Product information BlinkStick Square:

Product information BlinkStick Strip:

New BlinkStick forums:

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