Thursday, October 9, 2014

Device Introduction: BlinkM & Co.

Today we introduce another great product from ThingM: BlinkM

BlinkM and it´s little and big brothers MinM and MaxM are intelligent RGD LED devices. 
Intelligent simply means: BlinkM is not just a LED. It has a microcontroller and memory onboard. 
BlinkM can store many commands in it´s memory and run this commands even if not attached to a programming device (like LinkM or a Arduino board).

LinkM and stuff

The image shows the programmer LinkM, the LED devices BlinkM and BlinkM MinM and the IR devices CtrlM and FreeM. (only missing the very fat MaxM on the image;

FreeM is a power supply and IR receiver. You can attach any of the BlinkM devices to it. 
CtrlM is the IR transmitter. It can be connected to the LinkM and controls FreeM and it´s attached LEDs from afar. The little video below shows how it works:

BlinkM is not limited to control one LED. Put many BlinkMs in a row and build your own LED strips, a matrix or whatever. ThinkM used the base of it´s BlinkM products to create blink(1). The BlinkM products are electronic parts without enclosure, so they are ready to use them for your own projects.

The next version of NotifierLight can also control BlinkM attached to a LinkM. In the video above I controlled the LinkM/FreeM with NotifierLight.

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