Friday, September 19, 2014

Device Introduction: Blync

Blync is a well designed light cube for workplaces.
Use it as presence or alarm light directly connected with a Microsoft Lync Server.
Even if you don´t have a Lync: Set Busy, Do-Not-Disturb or other states manually.
A download to connect it to Skype is also available.

In the inner life we find 5 very bright LEDs. They enlighten the enclosure to a very good visibility even if you are farther from it.
Blync can glow in 7 colors, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white.

To realize your own ideas use Blync SDK or a HID library.

In my eyes Blync should have more functions like controlling the 5 LEDs separately and using the full RGB frame of the LEDs but I love the design and the good illumination.

Since version 1.2 NotifierLight supports Blync. At the moment we have the issue that Blync always creates 2 USB devices but only one of it controls the light. It seems that Blync bases on iBuddy, also a LED gadget but with additional functions like moving parts.
We will fix the double device issue in the next version.

Update 26.09.2014: The guys from Blynclight working on a new firmware to activate full RGB colors for the device.

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