Monday, August 18, 2014

Update: NotifierLight 1.1.4

A new update (NL 1.1.4) is available at the download section.

- Fixed: ScreenBulb caused an exception
- Changed: ScreenBulb will be handled as a device now
- Changed: Moved the settings from NL root to User/AppData/Roaming
- Changed: New menu item in TNA context menu: Open Settings Path
- Changed: Made the use of plugins more save
- Changed: The EventQueue item now includes plugin name <pluginname>.<eventname>
- Changed: Plugin images will be resized to 48x48
- Changed: Switch directly between devices without jump to the general settings
- Added: Support for a new device: blink(1) from ThingM
- Minor tweaks and fixes

Coming soon:
- Plugin example source with comments
- A very first plugin API documentation
Update: We're working on a plugin redesign at the moment. Further informations after the redesign.

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