Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Proudly presenting: NotifierLight 1.1

The time has come: After many hours, much brainstorming, heavy bug tracking and a lot of coffee (btw, I drink my coffee about #AA4004) NotifierLight is close to get it's first release. The installer is done and a first test phase was successful. Only a fix of a performance bug which I won´t let out to the world and a bit fine tuning have to be done.

To bridge the share of the first prototype release I´ve made a little presentation video. The quality is not the best but should give a little feeling of what NotiferLight will do now and in the future. Everything what you see here is real and not a fake ;-).

Here comes the same video in better quality, but it takes a while to download (32MB): NL.avi

The video shows a play around with the different devices, colors and lighttypes. Additional you can see how the events work. A very simple plugin includes the monitoring of system parameters. When the disk size underruns a given size, the event should be triggered.

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