Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello, I'am the ScreenBulb ;-)

"May I introduce myself, I'am the ScreenBulb!
You don´t have any LED device to use with NotiferLight? Don´t be sad! I can glow on your screen" :).

Simply activate the ScreenBulb in the Devices by Doubleclick or the Connect Button.

The ScreenBulb device shows colors and lighttypes excactly like a hardware device do. It stays on top of your screen and can be moved around (hold left mouse button to move it).
Use it to test the events or for plugin development if you don´t have a hardware device close by. If you change to a hardware device ScreenBulb will disappear. I'm thinking about a feature to add more than one ScreenBulb devices. But it don´t have a high priority at the moment. 

Finally a little video with ScreenBulb in action :).

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