Saturday, August 16, 2014

Device Introduction: BlinkStick

Agile Innovative offers 2 very nice products for home construction and development: The BlinkStick and the BlickStick Pro.

The BlinkStick is a simple USB device with a RGB LED and a ATTINY85. It comes without a box, so it can easily be attached to whatever you want. Put it in a salt crystal for example and create your own decorative mood light for your living room, controlled by PC. Or attach it to your monitors USB port and use it as notification device with NotifierLight.


The BlinkStick Pro is like the Blinkstick, but without a LED. Use it to control LED strips or boards up to 196 LEDs (WS2812). Attach it to a IKEA Dioder or other LED strips. Create an ambient light (find tutorials at or control a LED matrix. My dream for NotifierLight is a database plugin. For example if a database query says that the volume of sales does not fit, the whole CEOs office glows red ;-D.

BlinkStick Pro controls1 LED

If you need a good product for prototyping BlinkStick (&Pro) is right for you. There are a lot of sources and turorials you can access for your project. And the best is: It can be used with NotifierLight! ;).

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