Friday, August 29, 2014

Device Introduction: blink(1)

ThingM stands for high experiences in electronics. I´ve already tested products like BlinkM, FreeM, LinkM, CtrlM. All theses products have to do with controlling RGB LEDs.
We come to details of these electronic parts somewhen else.
At first we focus the product blink(1).

blink(1) is simple: No programming, no electronic knowledge, very end-user friendly. Just plug it into your USB port and let it glow with Blink1Control. Let it blink on an incomming email, on different hardware monitor alerts or connect it with your IFTTT account.
blink(1) includes 2 LEDs, so you are able to show more than 1 different states at the same time. And another attribute makes it unique: It is really mini :)

Inside and Outside

The "naked" blink(1) shows: The biggest part of it is the USB connector. The case is very robust so the blink(1) stick is easy to handle.

If the function pool doesn't fit your needs: There are a lot of documentations and sources for C++, Java, Python and so on.

Update 16.09.2014: A hidden feature is to control a WS2812 compatible LED strip, ring or whatever. As you can see on the screenshot the "naked" blink(1) includes a connector with GND, +5 and data. It can control up to 16 additional LEDs. You can control any single LED, multiple LEDs with static colors, running effect, random colors etc. Very nice!

NotifierLight controls the 2 LEDs at once at the moment. We are planning to handle blink(1) as 2 devices to control the LEDs independent from each other.

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