Saturday, November 19, 2016

New BlinkStick projects

While I´m concentrating to BlinkStick devices and the BlinkStick support forums, this blog is neglected a bit. For anybody interested in my latest projects please see:

A real AmbiLight for BlikStick Flex and Pro

Controlling matrices with the BlinkStick Pro

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Device News: A second Kuando Busylight Product

In 2014 I wrote an introduction about the Kuando Busylight (long time ago).
Device Introduction: Kuando Busylight

While collecting experiences about RGB LEDs controllable by USB (HID), this device was the first professional one.

Besides the original product (recognized as UC/Lync in NotifierLight; Plenoms name for this device is ALPHA) Plenom now offers another nice product: Kuando Busylight OMEGA.
The OMEGA seems to be the big brother of the ALPHA device. It comes with a very big size so you never miss a incoming call anymore. Other features are the modifiable light colors, 8 different ringtones, volume control and different enclosure colors.

I´m not able to test it by myself at the moment, but on the pictures it looks very huge and well designed. Please let me know if you plan to use this device with NotifierLight.

Plenom Products

Monday, December 28, 2015

Update: NotifierLight 1.2.6

Right before the end of 2015, NL gets an update. In fact I have to focus on other projects, there will be no updates for a longer time.

Of course I will keep an eye on RGB LED devices and post news about it sometimes.

OK, now to the change log NL version 1.2.6:
  • Changed: Session Locked Plugin now has a 2 secs delay between events
  • Changed: 5 secs connection delay after application start
  • Changed: NL now includes the type of the BlinkStick devices (Pro, Strip, Square, Nano, Flex)
  • Changed: Minor changes for the new BlinkStick devices. 
  • Fixed: Minor fixes.
  • Known Issues: The new BlyncLight devices does not work at the moment. I need some more information of how to control them correctly first. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Device News: Blynclight Mini

A few days ago, Embrava announced a new version of its Blynclight (formerly Blync):
Blynclight Mini.
The new device is basicly the Blynclight Plus (BlyncUSB30S) but with other dimensions, build especially for notebooks and monitors.

See the full feature list here:
Embrava Blynclight Mini

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Device News: A lot new BlinkStick products

BlinkStick Nano
BlinkStick Nano is a tiny version of the BlinkStick. Like the blink(1) from ThingM it comes with 2 very bright LEDs and can be used as an indicator light at your Notebook, Raspberry or whatever.

BlinkStick Flex
Flex is also a very tiny USB device. It combines a device which is basicly the BlinkStick Pro, with a LED strip. The LED strip itself includes 32 addressable LEDs which can be controlled seperatly.

BlinkStick Pro Smart Pixel
A Smart Pixel is just a single LED. Use as much Pixels as you like (up to 192 Pixel for one BlinkStick Pro) and chain them together. Like the LEDs in the Flex LED Strip they can be controlled seperatly.
Smart Pixel

BlinkStick Pro LED Adapter
It was already possible to connect your BlinkStick Pro with a IKEA Dioder but wrong wired it could lead to a burned Dioder controller. Now BlinkStick delivers a controller which can easliy connect the BlinkStick Pro to a LED Strip and a power supply.
LED Adapter

All in all BlinkStick offers the biggest pool of different devices. I think there is a fitting RGB LED device for any project. BlinkStick also offers APIs for every purpose and a growing community and service at the BlinkStick Forums

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update: NotifierLight 1.2.5

I´m glad to say that NotifierLight becomes more and more stable. Please see the changes below.
They regarding different types of devices plus a few bug fixes.

The new version 1.2.5 can be downloaded here.

  • Added: Custom Color dialog for light colors. 
  • Added: New device support: Blync V30 (not tested; your feedback would be appreciated).
  • Added: The current color can now be shown in the TNAIcon. Added the Option TNAColorStatus. 
  • Added: There is a new possible property for BlinkStick in devices.json. If you need to change the mode, change the value to the mode you need and add the line:
    '"SetMode": true,'. The mode will be set once if you start NotiferLight. 
  • Changed: New editor for the EventQueue (Attention!!! Settings reset neccessary! Delete the entrys with the ID in front of it and reorder your queue items!)
  • Changed: Reseting events on device connect.
  • Changed: More DEBUG informations when log is active.
  • Fixed: Don´t set mode (and write to Blinksticks EEPROM) anytime a Blinkstick connects.
  • Fixed: Minor fixes.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Don´t bother the coder

We´ve found that one on the internet and we must share it :).

Don´t bother the coder

It´s another use case for NotifierLight. I think it is possible to realize that "Go Away" with Blinkstick ;-)